CLIMBING HAS BEEN, is, and always will be the foundation of Black Diamond. We are a company of climbers and we deeply value the connections we have with the climbing community and the crags throughout the world. In the past decade there has been an explosion in the numbers of people climbing—which is awesome to see, but it also comes with a new set of challenges: how do we, as a climbing company, effectively mentor and lead this massive next generation of climbers down a path of caring for our climbing environment?

As leaders in the global climbing community we have stepped forward in partnership with the Access Fund to establish the ROCK Project, a program dedicated to sharing Responsible Outdoor Climbing Knowledge. Along with a dedicated crew of professional climbers and local non-profit climbing groups, ROCK Project connects with climbing communities throughout the world to embrace responsible habits that will keep climbing areas open while preserving the climbing environment.

The ROCK Project works to engage the climbing community, activating positive social norms backed by consistent educational content, messaging and programming that is specific to regional access issues and environmental concerns. Ultimately, climbers who are stewards and responsible users of outdoor climbing resources promote a positive identity for themselves and climbers as a whole, mitigating threats to access. ROCK Project is at the center of this movement.

The Pact

ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT tenets of the ROCK Project is The Pact, a set of guidelines that all climbers should live by. The guidelines are as follows:

To date, thousands of climbers, from all over the globe, have committed to The Pact, pledging to take responsibility for the areas in which they climb. To learn more, and commit to The Pact, click the button below.


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The ROCK Project Tour

SINCE ITS IMPLEMENTATION in 2015, the ROCK Project has toured the country, making stops in Seattle, Denver, Salt Lake City, Atlanta, San Francisco, and New York City, bringing stoke and knowledge to climbing communities with a team of professional climbers. Partnering with climbing gyms, local climbers, non-profit advocacy groups, community leaders, and Black Diamond athletes, ROCK Project has cleaned up local crags at each stop and worked towards creating an outdoor climbing ethos that values and protects its climbing areas.

In 2016, ROCK Project goes on the road again, with stops across the country. Each tour stop is a multi-day event, with pro-tip clinics, clean ups, athlete presentations, gear giveaways, and, of course, climbing—inside at the gym and outside at the crags. The 2016 ROCK Project tour stops include:

Las Vegas / May 7-8
Los Angeles / May 14-15
Raleigh / Nov 5-6
Washington DC / Nov 12-13
Professional climbers who will be participating and teaching during the 2016 ROCK Project Tour include:

Tommy Caldwell
Hazel Findlay
Kate Rutherford
Joe Kinder
Sam Elias
Daila Ojeda
Nina Williams
Chris Schulte
Colette McInerney
Alex Johnson
Brittany Griffith
Sonnie Trotter
Carlo Traversi

To learn more about the 2016 ROCK Project Tour and sign up for this one-of-a-kind event, click the button below.