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The Action Fund: Taking Responsibility

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
Black Diamond Brand Advocate Tyler Wilcutt realized early in his climbing career that the hardware on many routes was not monitored by anyone but the members of the community who used it. And many of those users did not realize their own responsibility. So Tyler took it upon himself to replace old gear, starting the Action Fund.

Black Diamond Brand Advocate Tyler Wilcutt grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. Like many climbers new to the sport, in his first year of climbing he placed his trust in bolts and route equipment that was questionable at best, assuming that since others were climbing on it, it must be fine. But at some point, Tyler realized that there was no authority who would come and replace a rusty bolt, no committee who took down battered slings. And so Tyler took it upon himself to be that committee. "As a community we need to come together and appreciate that there is no they, there is only us," he says. And so the Action Fund, a partner of the Access Fund, was born in 2009. With a mission to replace old and decaying equipment in local communities, the Fund needs approximately $100 for every climb it updates. The project raises funds through local events, and the proceeds all remain within the community.