From the lightest airbag pack on the market, to the smartest, our latest JetForce lineup
provides ultimate safety in the backcountry.



At Black Diamond Equipment, backcountry safety and avalanche response has driven our innovations in equipment, and that’s why we’ve remained at the forefront of avalanche airbag technology. Our new line of airbag packs feature the latest advancements in technology, from Bluetooth connectivity to capacitor-based inflation and the lightest cannister systems on the market. Check out our all-new JetForce avalanche airbag pack lineup.

JetForce Product JF Pro mediatile
JetForce Product JF Pro mediatile JetForce Product JF Pro mediatile JetForce Product JF Pro mediatile


JetForce Pro Avalanche Airbag Pack

The next evolution of our innovative JetForce Technology, the JetForce Pro avalanche airbag system with PIEPS technology is now smaller and lighter and features Bluetooth capabilities for easy updates. The 25-liter pack is technical and gives you plenty of space for long days in the backcountry, plus the entire system is modular, giving you the ability to attach a 10-liter, 35-liter, or 25-liter splitboard booster pack to the JetForce Pro system—making this airbag pack extremely versatile while adding a margin of safety in the backcountry.



UL Jetforce
UL Jetforce UL Jetforce UL Jetforce



JetForce UL Avalanche Airbag Pack

One of the lightest avalanche airbag packs on the market, the JetForce UL features the Alpride 2.0 canister system, which is ultralight and extremely powerful, making it perfect for fast and light backcountry travel. By combining compressed argon gas and C02 gas, the Alpride 2.0 system provides a strong initial blast that can inflate the 150-liter airbag in less than five seconds. The two-canister system is lighter than a traditional single-canister set-up, and because they’re sealed, they are travel friendly. The 26-liter pack stores avalanche safety equipment and other essentials and has the features you need for a quick dawn patrol lap to a full day in the backcountry.



Jetforce Tour
Jetforce Tour Jetforce Tour Jetforce Tour


JetForce Tour Avalanche Airbag Pack

Featuring the latest advancement in avalanche airbag technology, the Black Diamond JetForce Tour uses the new Alpride E1 airbag system, which is electrically powered by cutting-edge supercapacitors. This powerful, fan-based system charges via both a micro USB and AA batteries and stores essential avalanche safety equipment as well as the gear you need for a day in the backcountry.