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BD Athletes Tear It Up In Spain

Tuesday, March 21, 2017
A crew of Black Diamond athletes recently took advantage of the prime springtime temps in Spain, throwing down on some of the hardest limestone sport routes the country has to offer. BD athlete Joe Kinder was all in the mix, making big links on his project Papichulo (5.15a), and doing his thing … until he heard a pop from his finger. Never one to stay down, however, Kinder shifted gears, picked up the camera and started documenting the radical projects of his fellow teammates.

Jacopo Larcher Sends La Rambla (5.15a)

Last try, best try … at least for BD Ambassador Jacopo Larcher. While projecting the uber classic La Rambla (5.15a) in Siurana, Jacopo’s time was running out. In fact, at the last possible moment—with a plane to catch in just a few hours—Jacopo hiked to the base of La Rambla, roped up, and sent in style.

A few days before, word around the cliff was that Jacopo was close. So Kinder hung a rope and rolled the camera.

Videos: BD Athlete Joe Kinder

Seb Bouin On the Rise

The young French crusher Seb Bouin was still rehabilitating an injured finger, but as you might have heard, that doesn’t stop this BD Athlete from sending 5.15. Kinder synced up with Bouin in Terradets to chat about torn pulleys, get some advice and film the Frenchman on his project, Definicion de Resistencia Democrata (5.15a).

In typical Bouin style, however, the route wasn’t a project for long. And he has some good news to report:

“I am happy for two things. First, the link of this route, and second, my finger injury. In fact, my finger is better. I can't climb yet without tape, but I can crimp.”

Babsi Zangerl Tries Her First 9a (and sends a slew of hard routes)

BD Athlete Babsi Zangerl had a stellar trip to Siurana. While hanging at the famous El Pati sector, she onsighted her first 5.13d and then cranked two 8b+’s in one day, sending El mon de Sofia and Projeto Moro. But perhaps the coolest part of her trip is the fact that she finally booted up and tried her first 9a. A veteran of hard climbing from boulders to big walls, Babsi, believe it or not, has been saving the mythical 9a grade … until now.

Kinder was there when Babsi worked the moves on the classic Estado Critico (9a), documenting a mental breakthrough for Babsi.