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Sean Bailey Steps into the World of BD Climbing Shoes

Monday, June 18, 2018
Recently, BD Athlete Sean Bailey visited our SLC headquarters to meet with the design team behind our new line of climbing shoes. With Sean’s insight into the world of high-end comp climbing and top-level sport and bouldering, our team of engineers and designers have been working hard to produce a shoe that can handle it all. Check out this video, which takes you on a tour of BD’s design process and collaboration with Sean as we search for the ultimate high-end climbing shoe.
Video: Locals Project

Sean Bailey demands a lot from his climbing shoes. Whether he’s winning the National Lead Championships, climbing 5.15 outside, or training power with a soul-crushing indoor bouldering circuit, Sean puts his rubber to the ultimate test. That’s why Black Diamond has collaborated with Sean on our latest high-end climbing shoes.

The Shadow is the latest shoe Sean has been testing and is the brainchild of BD’s VP of product Kasey Jarvis and our technical developer Linh Nguyen. Designed for routes and boulders so steep they always cast a shadow, this is the dream shoe for steep, aggressive climbing.

Featuring innovations in climbing shoe design including Engineered Knit Technology, our proprietary molded rubber, and a molded midsole, the Shadow pushes the envelope by blending old-school tradition with cutting-edge technology.

“We’re not winning by cooking with the same ingredients,” says Kasey Jarvis. “We’re winning by changing the recipe.”

And by adding Sean’s valuable feedback into the mix, the new Shadows pack quite the kick.

The Shadows are winning praise from the editors of Rock and Ice and Climbing Magazine and continue to gain respect from devout climbers.

“The Engineered Knit tongue, microfiber uppers, molded rubber, and printed rubber—all black—make them form-fitting, light and aesthetic,” writes Climbing Magazine editor Matt Samet. “[F]or extreme steeps, the Shadows are a total beast.”

Images: Chris Parker & Katy Dannenberg

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