Kyle Dempster


Kyle Dempster

Kyle Dempster

Kyle loves climbing. From his very first top rope, he knew it was the sport for him. There is no other medium in life that has taken Kyle through such a vast spectrum of emotions, beautiful places, diverse people and good times. Kyle also co-owns Higher Ground Coffee in Salt Lake City, which he opened with a friend nearly six years ago. Business ownership is a bit like pursuing climbing goals in that you set micro goals along the way to greater (hopeful) success.

Disciplined: Not really

Hometown: Salt Lake City

Currently Living: Little Cottonwood Canyon

Height: 5'11"

Career Highlights:
1st place Teenage Mutant Ninja Coloring Contest
2nd place 4th grade Pull Up Contest
Never went to a high school dance
Pretty good at ping pong

When did you first start climbing?

1994. American Fork! Yeah boyeee!

What do you most enjoy about your sport?

Variety. The freedom to choose your own ethics and pursue a vast array of mediums.

How do you define success?

Having fun while maintaining a high level of consideration of others and the places where we pursue our passions.

What are you most proud of, either in life, your sport or both?

Happiness! I’m not sure it’s so much a feeling of pride, as much as feelings of gratitude and joy for this wonderful life of love and adventure!

Who are your heroes?

Mom, Dad, Molly, Jewell Lund, all my friends.

What inspires you?

Anything that motivates me to learn, improve and deeply focus.

What are your hobbies outside of your sport?

Coffee, Lifting, Fly-fishing, running and starting to explore archery

What’s your guilty pleasure?

Slow mornings.

What are your hidden talents?

Very slow mornings.

Tell us about your most favorite place in the world:

The Pakistani Karakoram is a pretty mind blowing place.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Not sure I was that focused back then to really know what I wanted to be. I know I loved pie, ice cream and most other sweets… a baker?

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be, and why?

I wish I could have more time to see the people that I love, because there’s something great to learn from nearly everyone!

Tell us about a time in your life when you have been scared:

Signing a real estate purchase contract to buy the coffee shop.

Describe your perfect day:

The smell of coffee wakes me up before the sun has risen. Crawl outside of a sleeping bag. Pack up camp. Climb into the night. Kiss my girlfriend and thank her for a great day. Repeat.

How would your friends describe you?

I’ve never asked them.