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BD Athlete Adam Ondra: The American Road Trip—Battling the Offwidth of Belly Full of Bad Berries (5.13b)

Thursday, January 3, 2019
You know it’s hard when BD Athlete Adam Ondra says climbing Belly Full of Bad Berries (5.13b) was one of the biggest fights of his life. Ondra was able to send the infamous offwidth on his second go, but not without digging deep into his reserves and pushing past the heinous pump. Check out this video capturing the epic battle.
Video: Adam Ondra Productions

“I’d like to say it was a good fight, but it was almost disgusting!” laughed an exhausted Ondra after battling to the chains of Belly Full of Bad Berries (5.13b). Armed with the redesigned C4 Camalots, Ondra booted up for what he now says was one of the biggest fights of his life. The infamous offwidth pushed Ondra to the max as he fought his way up the 45-degree overhanging crack. Inverted and wedging his feet overhead, it wasn’t his forearms that were pumped—it was his shin muscles from camming his feet that almost went terminal and cost him the send. But in the end, Ondra was able to fight through the pain, and take down this formidable line on his second try—not bad for his first trip to Indian Creek.

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