- Austria 3 business days
- Belgium 2 business days
- Czech Republic 3 business days
- Denmark 3 business days
- Finland 5 business days
- France 4 business days
- Germany 3 business days
- Italy 4 business days
- Ireland 4 business days
- Luxembourg 2 business days
- Norway 5 business days
- Poland 3 business days
- Slovenia 4 business days
- Spain 4 business days
- Sweden 4 business days
- Switzerland 4 business days
- The Netherlands 2 business days
- United Kingdom 4 business days


Shipping costs

Country of delivery Standard shipping costs Free shipping threshold* Oversize ship charges**
EU-countries 8,95 EUR 100 EUR 90 EUR
Switzerland 20 CHF 200 CHF 95 CHF
Norway 200 NOK 2000 NOK 800 NOK
Great Britain 8.95 GBP 100 GBP 75 GBP

*except Pro Deal Program

**Oversize ship charges apply and added to the ship charges above for the following products: Mondo Crashpad, Drop Zone Crashpad, Impact Crash Pad.

Orders shipped outside the European Union might be subject to import customs and taxes, which will be collected at delivery. In principle, it is not possible to deliver to French overseas territories (overseas departments/region/collectivities, CSG, French Southern and Antarctic Lands). Customers from French overseas territories that are part of the European Union (French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, Réunion, Saint-Martin) can place orders as EU citizens, but have to organize the shipment or collection of the ordered goods and bear the related expenses themselves.