The ultimate for cold cragging days or for climbers who suffer from cold hands

The ultimate for cold cragging days or for climbers who suffer from cold hands
Building on the responsive freeride performance of our best-selling Boundary skis, our Boundary Pro Series features powerful, hard-charging models designed with the help of our pro athlete team.


Sure, we’ve all been there.

You’re lured in by sending temps then BAM! You’re hanging on the end of the rope due to a case of numb fingers. Well, at Black Diamond, we set out to once and for all crush the problem of numb fingers, and now we’re proud to introduce the Hot Forge Heated Chalk Bag.

Built for climbers who suffer from cold hands, or those who are in constant pursuit of high friction but still battle with numb tips, the Hot Forge Heated Chalk Bag combines our innovative 3-level heating system utilized in our ground-breaking Solano gloves, with the technology of our Hot Forge insulating jacket, to give you the ultimate sending machine.
UL Jetforce
UL Jetforce UL Jetforce UL Jetforce



JetForce UL Avalanche Airbag Pack

One of the lightest avalanche airbag packs on the market, the JetForce UL features the Alpride 2.0 canister system, which is ultralight and extremely powerful, making it perfect for fast and light backcountry travel. By combining compressed argon gas and C02 gas, the Alpride 2.0 system provides a strong initial blast that can inflate the 150-liter airbag in less than five seconds. The two-canister system is lighter than a traditional single-canister set-up, and because they’re sealed, they are travel friendly. The 26-liter pack stores avalanche safety equipment and other essentials and has the features you need for a quick dawn patrol lap to a full day in the backcountry.



By combining 80 gram insulation with our Hot Forge design, we landed on a bag that not only houses the heating element, but also traps heat effectively. What we created is a revolutionary heated chalk bag with three different temperature settings depending on the level of numbing out you typically experience given the ambient climbing conditions.

"With the help of BD and their team of top-notch engineers and designers, I now have the ultimate secret weapon for sending."




300 g Loose White Gold Chalk


Pure, uncut and ready to rock. Learn More
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Pure, uncut and ready to rock. Learn More
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We partnered with The Woolmark Company, a not-for-profit organization that works alongside Australia’s 60,000 woolgrowers to research, develop and provide quality assurance of Australian Merino wool fiber and products.

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Watch BD Athlete and professional ski guide Mike Barney put our Solution Wool to the test while out for a big day in the Andes Mountains of Chile.

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