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The ROCK Project: Sign The Pact

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
Building toward a series of events launching in Spring 2015, the Access Fund's ROCK Project kicks off with The Pact: a pledge to uphold good climbing ethics, protect the mountain environments where we climb and ensure continued access to the cliffs and crags we love. We invite you to join us, and sign The Pact.

This year, more climbers than ever before will visit the cliffs we love, their sheer numbers threatening the health of the high places where our sport thrives. With each individual decision to casually toss a burrito wrapper on the trail or disregard posted private property, the future of the climbing community as a whole is threatened. And so we have reached a pivotal crossroads. Without action, we are in danger of imminent closures and environment destruction.

It is crucial that climbers unite as a strong, passionate tribe with an unwavering commitment to protect the climbing areas we love. To this end, Black Diamond has partnered with the Access Fund to launch the ROCK Project, a uniting program devoted to sharing Responsible Outdoor Climbing Knowledge. To join the nationwide body of conscious climbers, take The Pact, and challenge your climber partners, friends and, hell, even your mom to do the same.