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Daila Ojeda: Into the Alpine to Send Digital Crack

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
After experiencing the adventure of pushing herself past her comfort zone and sending her first multi-pitch, BD Athlete Daila Ojeda decided she wanted more. That’s what brought her to the high mountains of Chamonix. After seeing pictures of Digital Crack—one of the highest 8a’s in the world at roughly 12,500 feet—Daila knew she had to try it. Check out this BD exclusive film documenting her journey to climb an iconic testpiece in the Alps.
Video and Images: Bernardo Gimenez; Words: BD Athlete Daila Ojeda

I always had this idea that Chamonix was a place just for mountain climbers.

I’m a sport climber from the Canary Islands so my life has always been closer to the sea than to the snow.

When I started climbing I never thought about the possibility of doing long pitches surrounded by big mountains. Even today, after 18 years of climbing, it's something totally new for me. 

I wanted to climb at the Aiguille du Midi since the first time I saw a photo in an old magazine. This place caught my attention and drew me in.  

In the beginning, I was psyched to climb the classic Mont Blanc, but once I saw some images of this route Digital Crack I knew exactly what I wanted to try. 

Digital Crack is a unique sport climbing route located 3,800 meters high at the base of the huge Mont Blanc.

It’s impressive to try a route with this quality of rock and in a landscape so bleak. You feel so tiny and out of your comfort zone out on these wild mountain cliffs.

Fortunately, after a few tries you become more and more comfortable, and the wall begins to feel more and more like a normal sport climbing crag. The only difference is when you get to the top, you can see how close you are to Mont Blanc, Matterhorn and Monte Rosa. Not a bad view.

Even though the hike from the chairlift to the Auguille du Midi is not too long, it's important to learn how to use crampons. I never thought I would feel comfortable walking with these weird things on my shoes, but eventually I got used to them just like any new sport: skiing, snowboarding, etc. That part was really fun, especially thanks to the help of my partner Benjamin Brochard, who works as a mountain guide and has a lot of experience in this kind of terrain. It was very cool sharing this experience with him. 

Climbing this route has allowed me to leave my comfort zone and discover new emotions. I feel like I can do something more with climbing and still push myself. Now I can see more adventure in what I do. 

—Daila Ojeda

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