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GROUPS WE SUPPORT: Utah Clean Energy

Wednesday, September 7, 2016
We take great pride in our history of outspoken advocacy for conservation and access causes (locally, regionally and globally), as well as in our efforts to support conservation, education and recreation groups that are on the front-lines of protecting and preserving the wild lands we love and depend on, and this ongoing series will serve to highlight and promote these important groups.

uceBlack Diamond, and our CEO Peter Metcalf, have a long history of taking a stand for environmental preservation and conservation. It only makes sense that we would support initiatives to better the environment and living conditions in the beautiful state we call home, Utah. One important group we support is Utah Clean Energy (UCE). We caught up with their communications and program coordinator, Brandy Smith, to find out more about what they've been doing in Utah.


Black Diamond: How did UCE come to be?

Brandy Smith: In 2001, Utah Clean Energy's Executive Director and Founder, Sarah Wright left a 15-year career as an environmental consultant to follow her passion to work towards creating a more sustainable, more livable planet. Shortly thereafter, she founded UCE, a solution-based organization committed to creating a future where Utahns significantly decrease our carbon-based energy consumption through energy efficiency and increased use of renewable energy.

Have the goals or focus of UCE evolved over time?

The overall vision of UCE has remained the same throughout the years. We are committed to creating a future that ensures healthy, thriving communities for all, empowered and sustained by clean energy. The goals we focus on still revolve around obtaining that future.

Has UCE notched any key successes in the recent past?

Yes, UCE has achieved several key successes recently that we are very proud of:

  • Utah Clean Energy spearheaded an initiative to make solar energy more affordable by working to continue and expand Rocky Mountain Power's Pilot Solar Rebate Program. After nearly eight years of strategic collaboration, two regulatory dockets, hundreds of hours of meetings, and a 6-inch thick regulatory archive binder, we have succeeded in establishing a solar incentive program that will open up Utah's untapped solar market for Utah homes and businesses that are interested in installing solar energy.
  • Also on the solar energy front, UCE just completed a hugely successful pilot project called Salt Lake Community Solar. Through this community-centered program, we facilitated nearly a quarter-megawatt of new solar installations for Utah homeowners at amazing prices. The icing on the cake was having Utah Business Magazine award the program with a Sustainable Business Award in the "Social Impact" category.
  • We are also extremely proud that Salt Lake Community College's Energy Management Program (which UCE helped to create several years ago) graduated it's fourth cohort of students, and that industry demand for these skilled graduates remains strong!
  • And lastly, UCE successfully launched our new Clean Energy Business Coalition and expanded our Sustainers Circle (of which Black Diamond is a valued member). These two groups represent a diverse group of leaders that stand unified in their support of clean energy solutions. We continually collaborate with and engage our members to drive the transition to a clean energy future.

How does Black Diamond support UCE? How important is that support?

Black Diamond is a member of UCE's Sustainers Circle. As a member of the Sustainers Circle, Black Diamond is taking a leading role in preserving our quality of life for future generations through the advancement of clean energy solutions. Through your support, UCE has been able to continue to drive responsible and innovative policies and initiatives that are stopping energy waste and making clean energies like solar and wind more affordable and accessible. Through your financial support and engagement in clean energy issues, UCE and Black Diamond are building a new clean energy future.

For more information on Utah Clean Energy, or to get involved, click here.