Frequently Asked Questions


Here you'll find a few of our most popular questions, 
indexed by the categories above. If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us:

Black Diamond Equipment Europe GmbH
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Q: How can I change or cancel my order?
A: If you wish to change the size or/and color of one article or if you spot a mistake in the order contact details, please reach us at within 2 hours of placing your order.  Unfortunately, we cannot make any further changes nor cancel your order after the order is being processed.  Additions to your order cannot be made either due to payment procedures not allowing us to charge more than the amount originally authorized.

Q. Where can I get some BD Stickers?
A. We are currently unable to send out stickers to all our European fans and we apologize for that. Nonetheless, we give out some of these materials for free during climbing and skiing championships as well as trade shows and similar events. Keep an eye for those events near you.  Stickers are also available for purchase here.

Q. How can I return something?
A. In case you need to return an item,  please request a RET number here. Simply fill in the requested information below and we will respond within 1-2 business days with your Return Number (RET). Please return items in brand new, unused condition, with all hang tags and packaging. After we received and processed your return, it takes about 4-6 business days for the refund to appear in your payment method. Processing times can vary seasonally, your patience is appreciated!

Send your return to:
Mainfreight Logistic Services
Black Diamond Return Area
Wildemanweg 2
5301LT Zaltbommel

Q. What happens to my Pay later statement if I return an item?
A: Only pay for what you keep. If you return part, or all of your order, Klarna will issue you with a new statement as soon as the online store processes your return. If there is a delay in the online store registering your return Klarna will issue a new payment due date for the items, you have decided to keep.

Q. How can I exchange a product for different size/color?
A.If you wish to exchange your article(s), you can place a new order with the right size/color at your convenience. This will ensure you will get your new item quickly and that it won’t go out of stock. The article you want to exchange you can return to us, following the return instructions.

Q. How do I receive my refund?
A. After we receive your return at our warehouse, we will start the process. If we receive the goods back in brand new, unused condition with all the original tags and packaging, the refund will be processed. Within 4-7 working days after receiving the return, the amount paid will be refunded to the payment method used when placing the order. Processing times can vary seasonally, your patience is appreciated!

Q. Where is my parcel?
A. After your package has left our warehouse, you will receive a shipping confirmation with a link to your track and trace. This way you are always informed where your package is now.
You can also access your Track and Trace in your account under "My orders" and "Order details" or via the order status query.

Q. How can I get my invoice?
A. Please contact with your order number to receive an invoice.

Q. Do you offer gift vouchers I can purchase?
A. We do not offer gift vouchers for our European online shop for the moment.

Q.The article I want is out of stock in your website. How can I get it?
A. We receive stock entries regularly. You can simply visit our website again in 3-4 weeks to see if your item of choice is available again. Another option is to purchase the item through one of our other authorized online retailers or one near you. To find them, please visit them here.


Q. Do I qualify for a ProDeal?
A. We offer a ProDeal to all Outdoor Pros.
Should your current professional position match with one of the following categories, you may be considered for the application:

1. Mountain Guides
Individual Guides with a valid IFMGA / IVBV/ UIAGM Guide certification based in Europe
2. Guides Aspirants
Individual Aspirant Guides to become IFMGA / IVBV/ UIAGM Guide in Europe may be accepted for a Pro Deal in Europe with a full-time employment.
3. Other Guides/Instructors
Individual Guides Ski/Climbing/Hiking/ Mountaineering (non IFMGA / IVBV/ UIAGM certified) may be accepted for a Pro Deal program in Europe.
4. Avalanche Professional
Individuals working professionally in Snow Safety and Avalanche control area in Europe.
If you require more information regarding your application, please don’t hesitate to contact us to (

To start your application process immediately, you may submit your papers.

For more information and requirements and start the application process by signing in with an existing account or create a new account and fill out the application form:

Q. My Pro account is about to expire. What can I do?
A. Renewing your pro deal is very easy. Log in to your account and go to “My Account” – “Pro Membership”. In the next step you choose “single individual”. There you can check your current pro status and renew the application. You just need to check if your customer data is still correct and confirm. If anything changed in terms of your qualifications, please mention it in the designated field and upload the documents.


Q: How do I buy a Black Diamond product/ accessory/ spare part?
A: You can purchase BD products in our online store or through one of our authorized retailers:
If you need a spare part or an accessory, you may also find it in our online store or you may ask your local Black Diamond retailer if they have it in stock or if they can order it for you. If you are not sure what spare part you need, please check our online spare part catalogue:

Q: What’s the warranty policy?
A: We warrant for one year from the purchase date and only to the original retail buyer (Buyer) that our products (Products) are free from defects in material and workmanship. For lighting products, our warranty is for three years. If Buyer discovers a covered defect, the Product will be repaired or replaced at our discretion. That is the extent of our liability under this Warranty and, upon expiration of the applicable warranty period, all such liability shall terminate. We reserve the right to require proof of purchase for all warranty claims.

Warranty Exclusions: We do not warrant Products against normal wear and tear (such as ski edge cuts and abrasions, outsole wear, etc.), unauthorized modifications or alterations, improper use, improper maintenance, accident, misuse, negligence, damage, or if the Product is used for a purpose for which it was not designed. Except for expressly stated in this Warranty, we shall not be liable for direct, indirect, incidental, or other types of damages arising out of, or resulting from the use of Product. This Warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.

What damages are not covered by warranty?

o    Fading colors, logos and markings, due to use
o    Cuts, burns, abrasions, or tears
o    Packed out insulation
o    Poor Fit
o    Items bought used
o    Product that has been modified (such as the use of Quiver Killers or other binding inserts)
o    Apparel that has been altered, tailored, or otherwise modified by an entity other than Black Diamond
o    Accidental damage
o    Loss of waterproof coatings or treatments
o    Dulling of points (such as on crampons or ice axes)
o    Neglect or improper care for your product
o    Cosmetic damages that do not affect the product’s functionality
o    A replacement item does not constitute a new warranty period. Replacements are to ensure product satisfaction through the remainder of the original warranty period.

Q: How do I bring in a warranty claim?
A: You can find our online form using the following link:
Please don’t forget to provide a picture of the product, proof of purchase and any other info that can help us understand the nature of the problem.

Q: Where can I send my product feedback?
A: We look forward to hearing about your experiences in your product review. This will also help undecided customers with their decisions.
At the end of each product page on our website, you have the possibility to write a review.

Q: Do you sponsor athletes or events? 
A: Black Diamond receives several requests every day from athletes and events’ organisers for a sponsor partnership. We are honoured that so many would consider us for these projects, yet due to staffing constraints, we are not able to fulfil all these requests. While many of these projects are undoubtedly worthwhile, we simply do not have the resources to address most of these requests. Our event’s calendar is full and our athlete’s team complete for the moment.


Q. Which Trekking Pole is the best for me? 
A. Ergonomic and Comfort is what I want:
Trail Ergo cork, Alpine carbon cork, Trail pro shock

Lightweight is what I want:
Carbon poles are the choice, Distance carbon Z & FLZ, Alpine carbon Z, Alpine carbon cork.

Packability is what I want:
The most packable poles are the Z-pole family no matter which material or series. Distance-Z/FLZ, Distance carbon Z/FLZ, Alpine carbon Z, Compactor all very easy to fit in your backpack.

One pole for everything is what I want:
You can choose any of our 4-season poles depending on what you need. Trail Series, Alpine series, Compactor series, and the Distance plus the only one of the distance-family adapted for winter activities.

Material: You may choose mainly between two materials: aluminium and carbon. Aluminium is sturdier and more durable than carbon, yet carbon is lighter than aluminium, which is a great feature if you are a weight conscious adventurer. Carbon can be the right choice if you're a trail runner and it still provides a great support. If your missions involve thru hikes or trekking in rugged areas, perhaps, aluminium is the material for you.

Technology: We offer mainly two types of pole styles: Telescopic and Z-pole construction. Telescopic poles are very solid. They are made with shafts that hold together with the Flicklock technology and collapse inside each other when stored away. Black Diamond offers the Z-pole technology as well, which are lighter and more compact than the telescopic poles when folded. This is a big advantage if you wish to store your poles inside of your backpack:
Collapsed telescopic Pole: +- 65 cm
Collapsed z-pole: +- 40 cm
Some of our poles offer a mixed style, like the Alpine FLZ, where the upper part is with our Flicklock technology for a speedy length adjustment, and the lower shaft is Z pole technology, to save space and weight.

Grip: We offer cork, foam, rubber, which is more a taste issue than a technical one.
The Alpine series offers a cork grip that evaporates sweat very fast and adapts quickly to you grip. Rubber or plastic grips can mostly be found on our ski poles or winter dedicated poles. Foam is durable and also great with sweat.

Other features: If you intend to use your poles in the wintertime, take a look at our options with poles where you can change baskets from summer to winter. If you are concerned about the pressure on your elbows, we recommend shock absorption poles, like the trail pro shock. You may as well consider what pole tips are best for your missions as carbide tips are a fantastic tip that grip well on rock and dirt, but you may want to have poles with rubber tips if you need to trek that Inca trail. If you are the kind of adventurer who packs light, Distance Carbon AR and the distance Plus which can also serve as Tent-pole with the distance Tent and allow you to have a 600g tent with you.

Q. Which Ski pole is the best for me?
A. Our all-time classics:
Expedition 2 and Traverse are our classic backcountry skiing poles that offer all the important features at an affordable price.

I use my poles on the resort but mostly for backcountry skiing:
Black diamond is a backcountry ski company and all our ski poles are thought also to go outside of the slopes.

I do mainly do ski mountaineering
Our whippet can be in this case very useful combining the pole with a small ice pickle. You can also buy the poles that have WR (whippet ready) in the name and then a whippet attachment as an accessory if you believe you need it.

I love to skin up fast and I often take part in competitions, I want the lightest:
“Vapor carbon”, and “Helio fixed length carbon” are the poles for you

Q. How do I choose the length of my pole?
A. To find your perfect pole length, let your ark hand down. Lift your forearm until your arm is bent in a 90 angle (forearm is parallel to the floor) Clench a fist like you hold a stick. Now measure the distance between the floor and the upper side of your fist. Check the size chart to get your ideal pole. If you intend to go a lot uphill and downhill, you may consider buying poles that are easy to adjust the length.

Q. I broke my pole. What can I do?  
A. Depending on the pole model and the type of breakage, you may be able to repair it.
Telescopic poles such as the TRAIL poles have the mid shaft and lower shaft available as spare parts. The Z pole series have only the lower shaft available as a spare. All poles tips and straps are replaceable.
If you are unsure about the repair or the spare part that you need, you may contact us by submitting a warranty and repair form:
Keep in mind that breakages and wear related damages are not covered under warranty. For more information, please read our warranty policies:

Q. I lost a basket/ tip/ wrist strap? What can I do?
A. The best thing to do is to bring your product to a dealer and let them order the spare part you need. In most cases he will recognise which one.
Otherwise you can also purchase some tips basket and straps in our online store:
•    Trekking pole straps (men/women) are the straps of the TRAIL poles family
•    Distance z-pole straps are the straps of all distance and distance-carbon poles (they don’t work with alpine flz and with compactor)
•    Z-pole basket goes an all distance and distance-carbon except the distance Plus
•    Flex tech tips for all our 4-season poles. Some ski poles have fixed tips that cannot be changed
•    All the basket are made for the flex tech tip or for ski poles except z-pole snow basket which is only for the distance and distance-carbon poles

Q.How to lock my z-poles? They are very hard to lock
A. If your pole doesn’t seem to lock anymore, it’s maybe due to the tension of the cord on the inside of the pole. On the inside of the middle shafts (in the bottom end of the middle shaft) there is a grey plastic insert. This is a plastic screw that connects the middle shaft with the lower shaft in the middle of this insert with which you can unscrew to modify the tension of the cord.
If it’s too tight, give it a few counterclockwise rotations and the problem should be solved.
Here you can find an explanatory video:

Q. Can I buy a single pole?
A. We are very sorry, but for the moment we are not able to offer you the possibility to buy a single pole.


Q. Which lamp is the best for me?  
A. Probably if you are looking for a headlamp you already know what characteristics you need and what you are expecting for it.

You are looking for:
1) A Powerful light for fast activities like ski mountaineering or mountain biking:
In this case you are looking for a Storm400 or an ICON depending on your budget and needs. Both very powerful, and completely waterproof. The also offer Brightness memory, RGB Led and different power level. The ICON on top of everything has a separated battery box that can be replaced by a rechargeable unit

2) The best versatility for a reasonable price:
The SPOT is the lamp you want if want to have only one lamp for everything. It is the best compromise between power and weight. It is going to be your best companion for camping for late afternoon climbing or hiking, in the first hours of your ascension to the submit on alpine expeditions. And if you occasionally go night cross country skiing it will make the deal even if it’s not the most powerful one.

3) The best price/quality:
The COSMO 250 can surely be your everyday light. It has all the characteristics of the SPOT in a less powerful more compact version for a lower budget. 250 are enough for most of the task as long as you don’t want to go on a downhill ride in the night or to descend the snowy slopes on your skis.  It is still going to be good for camping or night activities that don’t require speed. And of course, it is a very high-quality choice for a backup lamp.

4) The rechargeable one:
If you don’t want to worry about batteries, and you want a practical USB rechargeable lamp, the Revolt with its 300 Lumens is the lamp for you. RGB night vision, IPX8 waterproof. Anything you want from a Headlamp in a rechargeable version.

5) The lightest and most compact one:
The SPOTLITE is the lamp you need. With its 160 SpotLite is the perfect headlamp for ultralight, pre-dawn or post-dusk action. But also, very suited for a backup lamp you always want to have with you without having to worry about the weight, but with all the functionality of a bigger lamp.

6) The one for children
A compact kids' 30-lumen headlamp, the Black Diamond Wiz has a child-safe closure and breakaway elastic safety strap. A versatile head tilt allows the Wiz to function properly even when put on upside-down, and the lamp automatically shuts down after two hours to prevent accidental battery drain, making it virtually kid-proof.

7) The Running lamp:
The sprinter is our most stable and balanced lamp. With a sleek rechargeable design and excellent fore-aft balance, the 200-lumen Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp is a versatile, all-weather light that's ideal for high-impact use on the trail or the skin track. A red taillight strobe in the rear adds visibility in urban areas but can be turned off when you’re on the trails. The lithium polymer battery recharges through a USB port in 5 hours, and a storm-proof design keeps it going strong in any weather with regulation for constant illumination throughout the battery life.

8) The affordable one
Strong enough for any mountain pursuit and compact enough for backup or emergency use, the new Astro175 boasts a powerful beam at 175 lumens, yet is simple, sleek and affordable. Can be the perfect present for your outdoorsy friends if you don’t have any idea for Christmas or a Birthday.

Q. Can I use other rechargeable batteries with Revolt?
A. The Revolt will work with all other rechargeable batteries; however, you will not be able to charge the batteries inside the Revolt with the USB cable. If you wish to use rechargeable batteries that are not Black Diamond for your Revolt headlamp, please be aware you are going to have to use an external charging device. Moreover, rechargeable batteries can have different sizes depending on the brand. Black Diamond batteries are quite small, be sure that the new batteries fit in the lamp before you buy them.

Q. How can I replace my headband?
A. Most headband models are available in our web shop. If you cannot find the one you are looking for, please contact us at

Q. The plastic support of my headlamp broke. Where can I get it replaced?
A. Our lamps have different Pivot-supports (brackets) depending on the production’s year but also on the model. So please send us an email at:
1) A picture of the lamp (front, back and headband)
2) your address and telephone number
And we will tell you more about the procedure to get the part.
**If you believe it is a warranty issue please submit a case through our online form here:

Q. My headlamp batteries leaked. How do I proceed?
A. Battery leak is rare and can be avoided. Make sure you always remove your headlamp batteries after use. If the battery acid leaked on the battery box and it did not touch the electronic, clean the contacts and your headlamp might work again.
A damage caused by leaking batteries is not covered by warranty since the electrolyte only leaks when almost empty batteries are stored in the product and the acid eats through the battery wall, hence the importance of removing batteries before storage.

Q. What does IPX7/ IPX8/ IPX67 mean?
A. IPX is a standard rating system that depicts how water resistant a headlamp can be compared to others. The International Protection Rating code (IP code) is made up of two letters IP, followed by one letter and one number. The numerical digits indicate the conformity in which the lamp falls into its ability to protect against water. **

IPX4: Protected against splash water from all directions
IPX7: offers protection from complete submersion up to one meter deep for at least 30 minutes.
IPX8: offers protection due to immersion, 1 meter (3 ft 3 in) or more depth. The equipment is suitable for continuous immersion in water under conditions. However, with certain types of equipment, it can mean that water can enter but only in such a manner that it produces no harmful effects.
IPX67: Totally protected against dust (6) and Protected against the effects of temporary immersion between 15cm and 1m. Duration of test 30 minutes (7)

**It is important to know that only the ICON and Storm can work under water, for the other lamps water can get inside the battery box. In this case please dry thoroughly without the batteries before storing the headlamp away.


Q. Which size is the right one for me?
A. We have a size chart to help you find out what size is appropriate for you. You can find this chart next to the size option on each apparel product page:

The sizing refers to body measurements and not garment dimensions. To help you determine these measurements, we also have some guidelines on how to measure at the bottom of the size charts.  

Q. How do I wash my GORE TEX /BD DRY apparel?
A. Most outwear/technical apparel have washing instructions written on the labels.
Please follow the instructions to ensure a long lifespan of your garments.

* Generally you can wash GORE-TEX items in the washing machine, but only at temperatures up to 40 ° C and a small amount of liquid detergent. Washing powder, fabric softener and bleach are not recommended. It should be rinsed twice and only with light spinning speed. For more care tips on GORE-TEX products, please visit:

* If it is a product with BD.dry without GTT technology, it must be treated like a GORE-TEX product. For clothing with BD.dry and GTT, please follow the instructions on the label. In general, this combination is much more robust and can be washed in a normal way. Still, don't use bleach or fabric softener. To restore the impregnation, the items of clothing can be dried in the dryer in the normal cycle, or ironed at a low temperature. Steam straighteners, however, should not be used.

We recommend the use of special detergents, as they have been developed to protect and refresh the properties of the materials that make the garment functional.Dry
We encourage drying your garments outside when possible or line drying them. You can also tumble dry them if you put the gentle mild-warm cycle. Tumble dry no longer than 20 minutes. This will reactivate the DWR treatment. If you do this, please do not iron.

To Iron or not to iron?
Always follow the instructions on the label of your garment. If Ironing is suggested, please iron the dry garment on a mild warm mode. Do not Steam. We suggest using a clean towel or cloth in between the iron and the ironed garment. DWR can be reactivated at times with a simple wash and ironing.

Q. What is lifetime warranty on BD Apparel?
A. We trust our products and we want you to enjoy them as much as possible. If you have a garment that seems to have a material defect or workmanship issue, we will cover under warranty no matter the date of purchase. We support repairs and we encourage you to consider that before replacing your garment. If replacement happens, please keep in mind that collections change every year and that we might not be able to replace your apparel piece with the same size, colour or model. The lifetime of apparel can be highly variable and depends on several factors. When properly cared for, your Black Diamond apparel can last many years; however, this does not mean it is impervious to damage or wear. Keep in mind that Black Diamond products are designed for use in extreme environments, where rock faces, tree branches, and harsh sun could all damage or contribute to the wear of the product. Someone who climbs or skis five days a week should expect that they will wear out their equipment at a significantly higher rate than a less frequent user. Please remember that this warranty is for manufacturer defects and does not cover wear-and-tear or accidental damage. Using Black Diamond products in a professional or educational setting can greatly reduce the expected lifespan of the product. Black Diamond does not give or imply an expected lifetime for any apparel or footwear. Acceptable wear-and-tear, as well as product life span, will be determined at Black Diamond’s discretion.

Q. What is BD dry?
A. BD Dry is a new engineered solution to shield you from the craziest storm to that morning drizzle. It is a technology that is ultralight and perfect for weight conscious adventurers without sacrificing waterproof-windproof and breathability efficiency.
Our Stretch Rainwear products are made with BD-Dry fabric that is 10,000mm waterproof, consisting of a 4-way stretch, 2.5 layers, fully seam-taped. It is designed to move with you and keep you dry.
Our Recon Snow Collection products are made with a 3 layer, 4-way stretch nylon woven fabric that is 20,000mm waterproof, fully taped; guaranteeing you to defuse water vapor and sweat efficiently while keeping you warm and dry from snowy conditions.
Our Boundaryline Snow Collection is made with BD Dry+GTT technology. GTT coating is a revolutionary and new sustainable approach to durable water repellence. It is not only PFC-Free, the GTT finish is completely water-free in its application process and contains no forest-depleting palm oil. Together with the BD-Dry, they form a 3 layer that is 20.000mm water resistant and 4-way stretch and fully taped.
We have also created some gloves are made with BD Dry technology – Some of the Spark series of glove and mitts, Our Punisher gloves, Soloist gloves, Arc, Mercury, Torrent, Glissade, Terminator and Patrol gloves have waterproof BD Dry insert.

Q. How do I fix my damaged outdoor apparel?
A. At Black Diamond, we encourage repairs when possible. We are willing to help you if you wish to repair your garment. If you are unsure how to repair it yourself, we also suggest you consider a specialist near you.
Hole on my Down jacket:
Things you need:
-Gear Repair tape or Ready to glue patch

First, push the down back inside the jacket and try to leave it as clean as possible on the surface.
Then cut the patch with a circumference of the size of the hole. Make sure to leave extra space for the patch cover over the hole.
Make sure the area is clean and patch over. Leave the patch glue to attach well for 48hrs.

Q. My garment is not waterproof anymore, what should I do?
A. DWR is a water-repellent coating that needs to have oils and dirt removed to restore its waterproof ability. After washing, please follow the drying or ironing instructions. If after exposure to heat the DWR is not acting as a water repellent, then a new coat must be applied.  This could have happened when the shell/hoody has been exposed to excessive abrasions. You can reapply the DWR revival products from specialized companies.


Q. How do I mount my bindings?
A. Depending on the ski model you have, we have instructions and suggestions. Please take a look here to find your ski model and the specifications corresponding to the given model. Keep in mind we advise against any telemark binding on our Helio skis.

Q. Which is the best ski for me?
A. Black Diamond has three Ski-lines:
1) Helio
2) Boundary
3) Helio Recon

For Ski Mountaineering - Helio
Ultralight carbon skis that offer uncompromising precision on steep, remote and technical objectives, Helio skis maintain a balanced flex and fun, forgiving performance in deep snow.
The ultimate ski mountaineering sticks for untracked lines, steep faces and technical objectives, the Black Diamond Helio Series features a pre-preg carbon fibre layup, making the skis extremely light while maintaining stiff, progressive flex. Designed from over 20 years of experience on the up and down, the Helio Series combines technical performance with lightweight construction and hard-charging capabilities. They are the ultimate in lightweight performance, For the range of mountain needs, the Helio 116, 105, 95, 88 and 76 offer performance and features to go the distance

For Freeride - Boundary                        
Offering fun, reliable freeride performance with touring-capable constructions, our Boundary skis are designed for mechanized access to in- or out-of bounds terrain.
BOUNDARY PRO SERIES Our most torsional stiff skis designed with input from our pro athlete team, the Boundary Pro Series skis are hard-charging, tuned-up versions of our Boundary skis designed for the biggest, steepest and deepest lines. Optimized for freeride performance from the tram, the heli or the cat, these powerful skis are also fully capable of human-powered travel to big backcountry objectives. Available in three widths—100, 107 and 115—that represent the sweet spot of freeride performance

For Touring - Helio Recon           
The go to ski for balancing downhill performance with human-powered access. The Helio Recon draws shape and dampening technology from the award winning Helio Ski and combines a poplar core and triaxial fiberglass construction to deliver a compliant and powerful ride. From weekday dawn patrols to multi day hut tours, Helio Recon Skis are efficient on the skin track, excel on the descent, and are built to withstand the full gamut of backcountry snow conditions season after season. Available in three different widths, the Helio Recon 88, 95, and 105 handle the full gamut of backcountry snow conditions

Q. Can I use telemark binding on my Helio?
A. We advise against the use of telemark binding on any carbon ski since the effort applied to the binding is too high for the carbon structure itself. This could lead to breakage of the ski. If you decide to do it despite this fact, please be aware that the ski will not be covered under warranty if it comes to breakage.

Q. What’s the edge angle/ bevel edge?
A. Our skis get tuned down to 88 degrees (2 degrees bevel) as finishing process.

Q. How do I trim my skins?
A. Our skins come with a trim tool. Please follow the instructions that you can find in the product manual and or check the video we have on our website in the skin section:
If you purchase the Glidelite Mix STS Custom, you only need to trim the sides since it is already available in different sizes with 7 cm increments.

Q. What is the black stripe on the skin for?
A. Most of the time when you skin up, you don’t necessarily use the whole ski surface. This is the reason why the black stripe will not influence the grip of your skin. However, after an extensive time of use, the glue can lose its grip capacity. This is the right moment to remove the stripe and uncover the unused glue underneath.


Q. What is PPE?
A. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), as defined by the European Union (EU), refers to a device or piece of equipment that is designed and manufactured to be used by an individual for protection against a safety hazard. This covers a large range of devices, including those that protect against chemical, electrical, or physical hazard. Mountaineering/climbing equipment is mainly covered by the Mountaineering Standards, but some products are covered by the Personal Fall Protection standards. Examples of Black Diamond products which are certified to these standards are:

Slings and other Webbing
Ice screws
Ice tools
Via ferrata sets
Camalot, Camming Devices

Q. Where do I find instruction manuals?
A. The instruction manual comes as a leaflet with your new purchase product but can also be found as a pdf version under the product description of each product in our online shop. If you do not find your needed instruction manual, please contact

Q. How do I store/ clean/ maintain my product?
A. The materials used to produce PPE (personal protection equipment) are mainly of two families:
1.    Metal
2.    Polymers (including textile and plastic parts)

The main threats to metal are corrosion and abrasion, which means that metal-PPE must be stored in dry conditions and be cleaned after every use to protect them from wear caused by dirt and other particulate build up. The best way to clean these products is with an air compressor or a damp cloth. After letting the product dry, use a light layer of oil or silicone based lubricant to ensure proper functionality of all moving parts, be aware that if you use any kind of chemical product to lubricate, you should protect the textile part, and make sure that no contact occurs between the sling and the chemical.

The main threats to polymers are ultraviolet (UV) radiation, contact with chemicals, and TIME. The best way to store soft goods is away from direct sun, in dry conditions, and away from any kind of chemical product either in liquid or gas form. The best way to clean them is with water or mild soap at low temperature. There are also some special products on the market specifically for ropes. It is important to know that even the best maintained polymer-PPE must be replaced after 10 years.

Q. Is my product still safe to use?
A. This question is difficult to answer without seeing the product. Only the owner of a product knows the history of it and how it has been used, stored, and maintained.

Climbing gear doesn’t last forever. As a rule, you should always check your products before and after every use and ideally also document maintenance and inspections. Refer to the specific product instructions for inspection procedures.
If your gear fails inspection, reaches its maximum lifespan or if you don’t trust it anymore, it’s time to retire the product.

Q. How old is my product?
A. All our PPE products are marked with a date code or traceability number. On textile products like harnesses, runners and slings you find them on a label sewn into the structural bar tack seam. On hardgoods you mostly find them etched or laser etched on a visible spot. On Camalots it’s either on the bottom of the cam-lobe or on the thumb rest swage, while on carabiners the marking is on the body of the carabiner together with the load details. Refer to the product instructions for further details on where to locate and how to read the date codes.

Julian date code (YDDD): If you find a 4-digit number you can tell the exact production day. For example, 9159 means that it was produced on the 159th day of the year 2019, 2009 or 1999.

Vendor LOT: This number is mainly found on harness labels and contains a lot of information. LOT#19K1BH05_01 tells you that the product was assembled of the 1st of May (05) 2019 in the factory with the internal code K1 and the product group is Black Diamond Harness.

Besides that, you will also find CE markings that designate that the product is CE certified, followed by a 4-digit number that indicates the facility that certified the product.
Serial number: Serial numbers however are found on our skis. They are usually printed or engraved on the sidewall or topsheet.

Q. How can I re-sling my camalot?
A. We offer a sling repair service but unfortunately not here in Europe so far. Your camalots must be sent to our headquarters in Salt Lake City where our hardgoods are manufactured.
To be able to proceed with this service request you would need to contact our warranty team in the US and provide them with the following information:
- Customer Name
- Contact Phone Number
- Return address
- Number and size of cams for re-sling
They will then give you a unique (RA) reference number that you will have to write on the package before sending it to ensure the follow-up. Unfortunately, the shipping costs are at your charge.
Here is the contact email address:

Q. How do I inspect and clean my rope?
A. Inspecting and cleaning your rope is very important as your safety depends on it. We encourage you to keep a log of all inspections and eventually modifications if possible.

Inspecting a rope:  In order to inspect a rope, it is first important to understand its anatomy. A rope consists of mainly two parts: The core and the sheath
The core takes the load when you fall, and the sheath protects the core. Therefore, a rope must be retired if the core is damaged or you must be willing to cut the area where the core is faulty.
Identifying core damage may not be obvious. We suggest you do the following procedures:

Stand on one end of the rope and run the rope through your hands, feeling the texture and checking if there are bumps, lumps or flat spots. The diameter of the rope must be consistent, round and homogenous. Continue running the rope until you reach the other end. If you identify an irregularity, spot it and mark it. Then decide if it can be repaired or retired depending on the extent of the damage and the history of the rope. You are responsible for recording the history of your rope.

As you do the texture check, you should also do a visual inspection, checking for any discoloration, abrasion, cuts, bulges and considerable sheath damage. It can happen that the core is intact, but the sheath is not. If the sheath is slightly furry, no action needs to be taken, just recording in a log. However, if the sheath is slightly shorter than the core or the core is shorter, these repairs require a certified PPE person to repair.  Please retire if the rope is beyond repair.

Even without use, you should retire a rope after maximum ten (10) years. Synthetic materials lose elasticity with time which can affect the performance of the materials. UV is also a big factor that affects rope material performance and it may weaken the rope before ten years.

Washing a rope:  Keeping your rope clean increases its lifetime. You can either wash it by hand or in the washing machine. The water shouldn’t be hotter than 30° and if you use a washing machine use a program like wool or delicate. There are special rope detergents in the market. You may also use mild soap. Make sure you store your rope afterwards far from chemicals and sharp objects and ideally not on the floor as the floor may contain harsh chemicals. Find a storage away from the sun and hang your rope neatly and coiled to keep it dry.

Anything we can give you, is an advice on how to keep and inspect your material but be aware that you are the only one responsible for your gear and any consequences depending on the way it is used and stored.

Q. What’s the shelflife of textile PPE?
A. Polymer-based PPE (ropes, harnesses, slings, helmets...) must be replaced after 10 years no matter how they are used. But inspection before every use should be made and can lead to replacement of the equipment after a shorter time.
Metal-based PPE have different shelf life which is always indicated on the instruction manual. Some can be used for 10 years (for example ultralight Camalot) other could be used till they are correctly functioning (like some carabiners).


Q. How can I extend the warranty period for Avalanche Beacon?  
A. When you register your beacon, you not only receive the latest news and software updates, but you will extend your warranty. The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty covering manufacturing and material defects of the Black Diamond Guide BT/ Recon BT from the date of purchase. You can extend the warranty 2-5 years if you register your product within 3 months from the date of purchase. To register your product, please go to:

Keep in mind warranty policies exclude issues with battery, carrying system, hand-loop and bag as well as any damage caused by improper use or dismantling of the device by unauthorized persons. Any other warranties and liability for consequential damages are expressly excluded. For warranty claims, please take proof of purchase and a description of the fault to the point of sale.

Q. Why and How do I register my beacon/Jetforce pack?
A. Register your Black Diamond Guide BT/ Recon BT in the PIEPS app (iOS, Android) or at and get:
• a warranty extension from 2 to 5 years!
• important information on software updates!
If you should have a Jetforce model without Bluetooth function please register your product online at

Q. How do I find the PIEPS app?
A. The PIEPS app is available for iOS and Android and can easily be found in the app store or in google play. It is free of charge and offers a variety of functions including registration, firmware updates and lots of training modes.

Q. Where can I get service/ safety check for my product?
A. A beacon is a safety product which is exposed to extreme conditions as freezing temperatures and humidity. Furthermore, component parts are subjected to component aging. Therefore, Black Diamond and Pieps recommend maintenance and inspection actions. So far, this service is only available for Austria and Germany. Please contact your local dealer or submit a warranty claim for further information.
Dealer finder:

Q. How can I find out if my product is running with the latest firmware?
A. For Beacons: When you switch on the beacon, the software version will be indicated on the display screen. You may also check the product details with the Pieps app which automatically updates your device with the latest firmware if a new version is available.

For Jetforce backpacks: Please check the sticker on the battery. For models with Bluetooth function, please download the Pieps app to have this information. Registered users get informed by email as long as “Newsletter” is activated on the account.

Q. How do I update my Black Diamond beacon/Jetforce?
A. With the addition of Bluetooth connectivity, you can update the software directly through the PIEPS app( on your smartphone, as well as personalize settings.

Q. Can I bring my Jetforce pack on an airplane?
A. While you should not have any issues taking your JetForce backpack onto commercial flights,
security personnel and the airlines have the ultimate say about what is allowed through security and onto an aircraft. Please check with the airline company what is their policy and if the Jetforce can be taken as carry-on luggage. This applies to all three of our systems: Jetforce-technology, Alpride and gas cartridges.
Please print the following flyer info and take it with you to the security check:
Alpride E1:
Alpride 2.0:

Q. Where can I get my Jetforce battery replaced?
A. If your Jetforce battery has reached its maximum lifespan or shows malfunctions due to incorrect handling, you can get it replaced with a spare battery. Therefore, please go to your local Black Diamond or Pieps reseller or submit a warranty claim online. Dealer locator

Q. What does the LED lights of the jetforce tell me?
A. The trigger handle of your Jetforce pack is equipped with 6 LED lights: a green and a red system status light and four blue battery status lights.

When switched on, the pack goes through a self-diagnosis and should show a green light. Then the backpack is in active mode and ready to deploy. In case a red light is shown instead of a green one, it indicates a problem with the state of charge or the battery itself.
Please always charge the battery until you see 4 solid blue lights - this usually takes up to two hours. In case of alternately flashing and pausing LED lights please leave the system connected to a power supply for at least 12 hours.
For a more detailed explanation of the LED light indications and troubleshooting advice please check out this document.

Q. What batteries do you recommend using in your beacons?
A. We strongly advise you to use Alkaline (AAA) LR03 1.5 V batteries or Lithium (AAA) FR03 1.5V.  The type of batteries must be confirmed in the PIEPS app. This quick setting ensures that the state of the charge is correctly displayed on your device, because the discharge curve is different for Lithium and Alkaline batteries.
The battery lifetime is 400/200h (send/search) for Alkaline batteries and 600/300h for Lithium batteries.