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Friday, Novembre 11, 2016
We’re all looking for something out there. Success, happiness, meaning, the perfect line—call it what you want. Where is it hiding? And how far will you go to find it? Watch why we Live.Ski.Repeat.

Video: Eric Daft/Fisher Creative

There’s a reason why we wake up hours before dawn and willingly step into the cold. Or why we strap skins to our skis and hike uphill for hours in the twilight. We’re all searching for something out there. But as those vertical feet slowly accumulate and we reach the top of the skin track, we’ll be the first to tell you that what we’re looking for isn’t just buried in the waist-deep powder beneath us. It was there all along, and will still be waiting for us the very next day. And that’s why we’ll get up and do it all again tomorrow.