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WE SUPPORT: No More Homeless Pets in Utah

Wednesday, Septembre 7, 2016
We take a large amount of pride in our history of outspoken advocacy for conservation and access causes, as well as in our support of conservation, education and recreation groups on the front lines.


If you've ever had the chance to walk through the offices and corridors at our headquarters in Salt Lake City, it's apparent that Black Diamond is a dog-friendly workplace. As long as they are well behaved, on any given day there's approximately 20 of man's best friend hanging out under desks and in cubicles around the office. We at Black Diamond Equipment have long appreciated the companionship, joy, and humor that dogs, and all kinds of pets, bring to our daily lives. Lending support to No More Homeless Pets in Utah (NMHPU) was a logical way for us to give back, since lots of furry friends in the communities surrounding Black Diamond Equipment are not nearly as fortunate as the dogs who get to come in to our office every weekday.


NMHPU works in a collaborative partnership with Utah agencies and shelters. Their mission statement is as follows: "To end the euthanasia of homeless dogs and cats statewide and to promote humane alternatives for feral cats." Founded in 2000, NMHPU has worked over the last 12 years, alongside other agencies in Utah, to reduce shelter euthanasia by over 35 percent and increase adoption of homeless pets by over 38 percent. In 2011, they performed over 39,000 spay/neuter surgeries in an effort to further decrease euthanasia numbers in the future.

NMHPU's goals for 2012 include continued focus increasing the number of spay/neuter surgeries across the state, including providing 6,000 of these procedures for free to low-income residents. In addition, they hope spay/neuter 5,500 feral cats in a catch and release program.

Marley Anderson

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