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BD Athlete Joe Kinder Sends Maquina Muerte, 5.14+

Wednesday, Septembre 7, 2016
Maquina Muerte is a climb in the Spanish style: steep, physical and requiring the explosive power of Dani Andrada. Joe Kinder finds just such a gem in Southern Utah.

When it comes to sending hard projects, even the best climbers don't always know when—or even if—it's going to happen. You bring hope and intent and training...and then you go to work.

For Black Diamond Athlete Joe Kinder, Maquina Muerte was that kind of climb. Steep and physical, the southern-Utah line is a testpiece of power and resolve, culminating in a 'bastard undercling' that protects the crux. "This thing gave me grief," Joe says of making the 5.14+'s first ascent. "But it was so nice to complete."